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what an icon


can u keep it down i am trying 2 reed


according to youtube this is the sound of the transporters 

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"Set phasers to fun."


Captain I did not say this, you have misheard, I said—Captain cease laughing this instant, I do not appreciate—Jim, do not put my name to this—


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Star Trek Into Darkness - Full Gag Reel

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from the stars, knowledge

on redbubble

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Milky Way at Yosemite by Michael Scott (Website)

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Valjean: You're entirely literal. Metaphors go right over your head, don't they?
Javert: Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I would catch it.

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the les mis fandom actually terrifies me because its been around for like 300 years in some form and every so often a movie happens and it rises like a sea serpent from the ocean, swallows two of my dearest friends and retreats beneath the waves for another few centuries

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a perfect sunday in the city with the sweetest munchkin(s) in the land. @sheder @jameslucy @milesmcmillan

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[singing alone in shower] my name is marius pontmercy [raises voice seventeen octaves] and mine’s cosette